Apr 7, 2017

Liver cancer treatment – what is next?

The modern drug design approach for anti-cancer products seems to be based on a concept that a disease can be cured if...
Dec 13, 2016

Live rich, drink coffee, smoke hash and stay home – unless you believe in SA-033

Live in a developed country, drink more coffee, smoke hash and stay at home waiting for clinical trial results with SA-033?! That's what the...
Nov 8, 2016

Primary and secondary liver cancer

A very true and dramatic story, almost a detective narration with … Steve Jobs as a guest star
Oct 17, 2016

Hopes and hypes in cancer treatments. Part III

If there are problems in the body – e.g. with different organs and tissues - let’s just change these organs. This paradigm becomes more and more popular these days and numerous efforts have been made to...