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Micky Mouse vs Double Bond

I have received quite a message from an investor that I would like to share with you. It was one of several similar questions and discussions raised during the week and here it is, together with some short crush on what is happening in the Micky Mouse company. 

“I am a stock owner in DBP. And I’m rather frustrated to learn that you now have in a split moment moved from using every opportunity to brag that you were in control of finances and therefore would not need further emissions, to suddenly ask for authority to make new emissions. I now find your company a ‘Micky mouse’ company and will certainly unload my stocks”

We have never had a nickname. Now we do)


Three things

Bur seriously, there have been three major things that caused the misunderstanding.

First – the scope of the word #nyemission, or equity issuance. There are different kinds of equity issues – in swedish all called “nyemission”. The most common two are 1) public issuance – in swedish also called “nyemission” (what a coincidence), and 2) directed new issuance – “riktad nyemission”. The first one is an expensive, time-consuming and unpredictable for stock price procedure that we will do best without and try to avoid already now. Which we also mentioned in our famous talk in March. There is no guarantee not to be needing it, but this is our plan and we still hold to it. The latter – directed issuance – allows bigger investors to come into the play at affordable for us price and at more secure for us conditions. This is the cheapest, the fastest and the simplest way for us to keep up the speed of our development and competitiveness until the first Big Deal is in place.

Second. To even have a chance to make any of these equity issuances (nyemissioner) during the coming business year, a company on stock needs an authorization, and that can only be granted at a shareholders’ meeting. So, the meeting is not done for the sake of allowing the issuance, but the allowing is done during the meeting to make issuance possible if needed. In our case – we can still stick to directed issue as planned and as much as possible before the Big Deal.

Third – we must be even better to communicate) The sky is the limit, it’s just to admit.


Why is it important

For me, the opinion of each investor matters. Big or small, long-term or day-trading. From Sweden, X-land or Bangladesh. Not only because our investors do invest, but also because they believe in us. Which is why it is more painful for me personally that we in some way contributed to a wrong vision of our development to an investor, rather than the stock price have dived for the day. We are thankful to every investor in our company and we do grow stronger with each and every one.

With that said, I both thank for and encourage to not hesitate to contact me directly at for any clarifications on our current activities.

Yours sincerely,

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