Temozolomide and MGMT Methylation 101

New brain cancer therapy

When we acquired Temodex – a new drug against brain cancer (including glioblastoma) and one of DBP’s front-line products – in the end of last year, I was several times in a position to explain the advantages of the drug to journalists, investors and other folks. A standard mantra that “this treatment is much better than anything else on the market” gives more space for further in-depth question. I find myself explaining the “why” and “how” almost daily to different types of audiences to let everyone really understand the value of this innovation.


So why do we talk about MGMT?

I came also to a conclusion that there are many parts that must be introduced from the very basic. A short crash-course education of some sort is necessary to explain such heavy terms as “biomarkers”, “MGMT”, “systemic Temozolomide”, “hypermethylation” etc. to my audiences. Keeping hopes high and searching for some initial support on the internet, I came across a good video. It explains a lot about temozolomide matters, especially about the MGMT, in a more structured and clear way. Regardless of the educational background, I think now I can better explain the situation briefly and somewhat with remaining touch of scientific depth. Let me know what you think about this short academic-style video crash-course.


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