Make cancer history Bayer

Roll up the sleeves

The war against cancer is far from being won. The same is for Alzheimer, Parkinson, diabetes and other disorders. A lot of new approaches were developed in last decades but they are mostly incremental – they are not curative. Yes, there is definitely some progress being done but it is far from satisfactory. There is a huge space for work for those who really want to make a change – the need for better medicines is still giant and largely unmet.


Look broader

Cancer, Alzheimer and other diseases are considered as systemic conditions and cannot be treated as simple as it was [for some reason] expected. The mechanisms involved in these conditions are complex and can not be represented by a single target. In other words – there is no any simple button to press in order to cure these people. There is no any simple pathogen to be removed to get a patient healthy again regardless what tabloids use to say…


Who cares?

The ambition is huge and what is necessary to solve practically any ambitious problem? Well, desire, money, knowledge (including strategy), time and care.

The news of the past weeks: “Two giants of the farming and chemical industries agreed to merge Wednesday in a $66 billion deal: the U.S.’s Monsanto and Germany’s Bayer, the original maker of aspirin. It’s the year’s biggest deal and will create the world’s largest supplier of seeds and farm chemicals, with $26 billion in combined annual revenue from agriculture. If the merger goes through, it will combine two companies with a long and storied history that shaped what we eat, the drugs we take and how we grow our food”

Now, as everybody understands, this power is something that can turn out very bad.

Or very good.


We need a break[-through]

Never the conditions for making a break-through in treatment of systemic diseases were better than now. Both money and Life Science expertise are in place: Bayer is the world leader in chemistry, Monsanto – in gene science. As a Life Science guy I would allow myself to be [slightly] biased and propose one good strategy: put down the toxic crops and use the chance for a real break-through in medicine. Do something great!

Meanwhile, we will continue taking our own small-big steps towards the better world everyday.


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