Live rich, drink coffee, smoke hash and stay home – unless you believe in SA-033

SA-033 and cancer

Live in a developed country, drink more coffee, smoke hash and stay at home waiting for clinical trial results with SA-033?! That’s what the news say.

As we mentioned in our previous article, the mortality trend for liver cancer looks devastating – liver cancer appears to be the type of cancer with fastest growing mortality. In order to break the trend we have to do the following:

  • Identify new ways of treatment
  • Find way of preventing the onset of liver cancer in the first place

From our side we propose a unique self-navigating technology BeloGal that delivers drugs directly to the liver tissue after a simple intravenous administration. Clinical trial is scheduled to be started 2017 with the first product based on BeloGal technology – called SA-033 and targeting the liver, and after that we hope to reach the market as soon as possible.


Liver news

But meanwhile, what could help those who get liver cancer now and have to wait for the results of our clinical trials? Let’s dig into the latest news:

The first thing you should do is not to live in a poor country, because liver cancer is becoming a top killer there. You may be surprised what countries you will find closer to the bottom of this list.

Then, one of the latest news from scientists is that drinking coffee reduces risk of developing liver cancer. As you already know the antioxidants are good in preventing cancer, but do you know how many cups are actually needed?

Moreover, believe it or not, an incredible study has found that cannabis may stop the growth of liver cancer cells. Well, smoke it or not, the cannabis oil has been a hit for the altenatives for quite some now and many believe it has a surprisingly strong effect.

And this is for desert: do not fly too far to the East (or West) exposing yourself to chronic jet-lags – it can increase the risk of obesity-related liver disease and subsequently liver cancer. They say disturbing the circadian rhythm can be more serious that we think, and the fatty liver that many didn’ t think they had may turn to liver cancer with no warnings and no cirrhosis.


Speaking even more seriously, the problem with liver conditions on our planet is getting huge, and we hope that our product SA-033 will get into the play and start improving lives (and livers) just about in time.


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