Hopes and hypes in cancer treatments. Part IV

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I have proposed in the previous part (Hypes and hopes in cancer treatments. Part III) that autotransplantation  – the transplantation of organs, tissues, or even particular proteins from one part of the body to another within the same person – can open a new horizon in health care and cancer treatment. One of the problems is that there are most likely limitations on how many repeated transplantations of a particular organ one can survive, regardless of the quality of the transplants. Then, very often, cancers (or other diseases) are delocalized and are spread to different organs, which significantly complicate potential transplantation. But what if …


2045 initiative

Will it be a good idea to replace the body [almost] completely instead of treating diseases and fighting cancer? Are avatars only real in movies? What do you think about letting our “souls” or personality move from a misused or even old-fashioned body to a new one nearly as easy as we change clothes? Today it may still sound like a sci-fi to many, but certainly not for people from “2045 initiative”. According to them, in 10 years it will be possible to transplant a human brain into a new synthetic body at the end of one’s biological body’s life, and in 15-20 years a personality can be transferred to a complete avatar (i.e. without needing to transfer the brain) at the end of one’s biological body or brain life.

Those who haven’t seen the “Avatar” movie should probably do it to understand this idea. If you hate sci-fi movies and want to get straight to the point, watch the details of this project here.


Personality issues

This is a way to eternity they say. This can be the ultimate cure for every disease they say. But before we are rushing in to invest in this project, let’s take a look on one critical issue that is laying at the ground of avatar project – transfer of personality. So far, there have never been any solid evidence that personality is transferable, because personality is not a physical object (i.e. it is most likely not a material thing). According to how people today treat the planet, each other and the crops they grow, the mankind is not even aware of what is the energy of life and how to measure it, to begin with. So personality transfer most likely can be a [serious] issue.

Fortunately, there are Orch-OR dreamers that believe that consciousness [do they eqal this to personality?] can be an attribute of the matter. So the ice is moving, but we still don’t know where it will end up and what will it do.


But what if they [all] are wrong? What if the avatar project is not feasible?

Well, you probably won’t believe me, but I think I have another idea what can another Big Thing be…


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