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Double Bond is one of thousands of life-science companies, and in order to succeed we strive to be different, competitive and build our own unique path. Everything counts on the journey to be better, smarter, and luckier. Every small step counts and can even turn out to be a big step sometimes. We think big, aim global, act ambitious, and it is very exiting to discover that we are also a front-runner – the whole industry, with FDA as an indicator, now picks up our success strategy. Which strategy is that?

DBP was granted 2 Orphan designations during last 2 years, the most recent being received this August. And what we read in the headlines today reflects that our effort is surprisingly “in fashion”:

“The FDA is struggling to keep up with the rise in orphan drug submissions, which have doubled since 2010

Coincidence? Probably yes, but we are happy that Double Bond is in the middle [on top] of the new trend.


Fresh perspectives

What more do we do besides developing superior orphan [and non-orphan] medicines?

We have recently started blogging to create an open dialogue with the part of the world who share the same passion for life science as we do, and in order to figure out how the pharmaceutical landscape can and will be transformed in the nearest future. We need to better understand how DBP can do a really good job and make a change – Knowledge is a power, nihil sub sole novum, but not many small [pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical] companies keep blogs and have an open dialog with a society out there. We are different, remember? And suddenly, to our pleasant surprise number two, we read:

“Now, FDA is formally asking interested parties to offer some fresh perspectives on these and other emerging technologies and cross-cutting scientific advances that could be of importance to FDA, with a focus on areas that may impact FDA in five to 10 years”.

Coincidence? Again. Many good surprises this months from FDA.


We lead

I would not speculate that FDA follows our development and steals our good ideas [although it could be fun], but the simple fact that we think in a similar way validates our business approach more than ever before and makes me glad.


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