Nov 8, 2016

Primary and secondary liver cancer

A very true and dramatic story, almost a detective narration with … Steve Jobs as a guest star
Oct 17, 2016

Hopes and hypes in cancer treatments. Part III

If there are problems in the body – e.g. with different organs and tissues - let’s just change these organs. This paradigm becomes more and more popular these days and numerous efforts have been made to...
Oct 13, 2016

Liver Cancer: who to blame?

October is a liver cancer awareness month so let’s figure out what we could possibly do for fighting/prevention of liver cancer. Liver cancer is today the only cancer with a growing mortality. According to the diagram we can see that...
Oct 6, 2016

Drug delivery success stories

History of drug delivery originates from mid 19th century with an invention of a syringe. This invention is an example of a so called “disruptive innovation”, because...