Aug 29, 2017

DOUBLE BOND actual #4: Omdöme om Temodex PCT patentansökan

DOUBLE BOND actual #4: Vår senaste nyhet om Temodex patent och vad det betyder för företaget.
Jul 4, 2017

Predictive biomarkers show the way

One of the important factors in drug development process is biomarker co-development. It is usually considered that efficacy-predicting biomarkers can potentially secure a...
Mar 21, 2017

Buy more popcorn – the story has only begun

What if there is no any well-defined boarders of the tumor? Just like in the case with brain cancers, for instance. There are honestly speaking “fifty shades of grey” here, and to be on the safe side the surgeon has to remove not only the...
Oct 6, 2016

Drug delivery success stories

History of drug delivery originates from mid 19th century with an invention of a syringe. This invention is an example of a so called “disruptive innovation”, because...