Brain cancer has no age

Case study

Several months ago, Mahbod Moghadam, cofounder of the annotations site Rap Genius, had his wisdom teeth removed. For a month thereafter, he had a terrible migraine on the right side of his head, which he chalked up to the dental procedure. Soon thereafter, Moghadam began having problems with his left hand. But he didn’t think much of that either, since he’d always had trouble with his left elbow, the result of a highly athletic youth. Around this time, exercise also became difficult for Moghadam; he was hitting the gym only a third as hard. He figured that was just what happens when you turned 30. … Finally, six weeks ago, he went to see a doctor. The doctor sent Moghadam in for a brain MRI. … In the emergency room, the doctors showed him an enormous black spot on his MRI. “You have a brain tumor,” they said.

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Rare and foreign

Brain cancer – sounds like something that only other people can get. Not those we love. The others. Probably those who talk very much on the cellphone, who work everyday with radiation, who… do something unusual, and are not like us. Or probably because they are too old.

Brain cancer, as many other forms of cancer, develops not in one day, but often during a long time and can be completely symptom-less on early stages. For this reason it is usually being diagnosed late, very often completely unexpectedly at emergency units. And what is the most striking is that we’ve always been told that it mostly occurs in elderly, or in those exposed to something super strange. This case study is not actually one case. There are many. This case reminds us that brain cancer is not very selective and can happen to both elderly and young, rich and poor, athletes and sofa fans. To anyone.


From children to adults

Recently it was announced that brain cancer is now the deadliest form of childhood cancer in U.S. (see Brain cancer the deadliest for U.S. children). If the trend continues in the same way, it can be the deadliest in adults as well. And if it is difficult to elucidate why it happens and how to prevent it, we better join our forces and come with a very good plan how to treat it. And soon.


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