Jul 4, 2017

Predictive biomarkers show the way

One of the important factors in drug development process is biomarker co-development. It is usually considered that efficacy-predicting biomarkers can potentially secure a...
Jun 14, 2017

Vinnare av DBP Challenge

Idag är vi glada att presentera vinnarna i tävlingen Double Bond Pharma Challenge! Tävlingen har pågått i över en månad och hade för avsikt att...
Apr 10, 2017

DBP Challenge – välj produkt och vinn 10 000 SEK

Om DBP Challenge Double Bond Pharmaceutical (DBP) är ett litet svensk läkemedelsbolag etablerat i oktober 2014 som jobbar för fullt med utveckling av säkrare behandlingar mot […]
Apr 7, 2017

Liver cancer treatment – what is next?

The modern drug design approach for anti-cancer products seems to be based on a concept that a disease can be cured if...
Apr 4, 2017

The F.A.Q. of the week

I have received quite a message from an investor that I would like to share with you. It was one of several similar questions...
Mar 29, 2017

Igor explains DBPs business model in a new video

A simple and humorous way to tell how we are different and why things we do are good...
Mar 21, 2017

Buy more popcorn – the story has only begun

What if there is no any well-defined boarders of the tumor? Just like in the case with brain cancers, for instance. There are honestly speaking “fifty shades of grey” here, and to be on the safe side the surgeon has to remove not only the...
Jan 10, 2017

Kvalitetssamordnare för GMP läkemedelsproduktion sökes till Double Bond Pharmaceutical AB

Vi söker en GMP manager med kunskaper inom kemi och QA erfarenhet inom läkemedel. Uppdraget innebär att ansvara för och koordinera produktionen av våra läkemedelskandidater. I arbetsuppgifterna ingår:
Dec 13, 2016

Live rich, drink coffee, smoke hash and stay home – unless you believe in SA-033

Live in a developed country, drink more coffee, smoke hash and stay at home waiting for clinical trial results with SA-033?! That's what the...
Dec 1, 2016

What if…?

Therapeutic window is a very crucial issue in drug development. It is a well-defined range of serum concentration of the drug at which the desired effect occurs, and below which there is little or no...
Nov 28, 2016

Hopes and hypes in cancer treatments. Part VI

We have tried to analyze the situation with ”hype trends” in drug development in several previous articles in order to understand (predict) what will be the next Big Thing. One very relevant question is...
Nov 8, 2016

Primary and secondary liver cancer

A very true and dramatic story, almost a detective narration with … Steve Jobs as a guest star
Nov 1, 2016

Hopes and hypes in cancer treatments. Part V

In the majority of cancer cases, the disease (presence of tumor) is detected at the late stage, when the treatment options are limited. Liver and brain cancers, for example, are those that often develop with...
Oct 28, 2016

Double Bond makes new trends

Double Bond is one of thousands of life-science companies, and in order to succeed we strive to be different, competitive and build our own unique path. Everything counts on the journey to...
Oct 25, 2016

Hopes and hypes in cancer treatments. Part IV

I have proposed in the previous part (Hypes and hopes in cancer treatments. Part III) that autotransplantation - the transplantation of organs, tissues, or even particular proteins from one part of the body to another...
Oct 20, 2016

Checker vs poker

DBP is, as many of you know, in a process of finding a partner for co-development of our front-line products: Temodex and SA-033. The partnering itself is very important...
Oct 17, 2016

Hopes and hypes in cancer treatments. Part III

If there are problems in the body – e.g. with different organs and tissues - let’s just change these organs. This paradigm becomes more and more popular these days and numerous efforts have been made to...
Oct 13, 2016

Liver Cancer: who to blame?

October is a liver cancer awareness month so let’s figure out what we could possibly do for fighting/prevention of liver cancer. Liver cancer is today the only cancer with a growing mortality. According to the diagram we can see that...
Oct 10, 2016

Hopes and hypes in cancer treatments. Part II

Play God With immunotherapy leaving the Peak of Inflated Expectations (see Part I), the question arises: what will be next? “Gene editing” is definitively one of […]
Oct 6, 2016

Drug delivery success stories

History of drug delivery originates from mid 19th century with an invention of a syringe. This invention is an example of a so called “disruptive innovation”, because...
Oct 3, 2016

Hopes and hypes in cancer treatments. Part I

The war against cancer is still ongoing. A lot of different approaches have been tested, and those of you who have followed the development of innovative and more efficient drugs could...
Sep 29, 2016

Make cancer history Bayer

Roll up the sleeves The war against cancer is far from being won. The same is for Alzheimer, Parkinson, diabetes and other disorders. A lot of […]
Sep 23, 2016

Brain cancer has no age

Several months ago, Mahbod Moghadam, cofounder of the annotations site Rap Genius, had his wisdom teeth removed. For a month thereafter, he had a terrible migraine...
Sep 22, 2016

Liver disease becomes in fashion

Allergan Plc’s agreement to buy Tobira Therapeutics Inc. for as much as $1.7 billion sent biotech stocks soaring Tuesday...
Sep 20, 2016

Brain cancer the deadliest for U.S. children

Reuters: “Brain cancer is now the deadliest form of childhood cancer in the United States, surpassing leukemia, as treatment advances have allowed...
Sep 16, 2016

Precision oncology vs Targeted drugs

Methodology of rational drug development has rapidly advanced during last decades, giving rise to many juicy and flashy terms. These terms are, however, not always...
Sep 13, 2016

Success story

There are a lot of business strategies to monetize Life Science products. Things usually start in university laboratories where post-docs and “Back to the future” – type professors develop curve-jumping...
Sep 7, 2016

Temozolomide and MGMT Methylation 101

When we acquired Temodex - a new drug against brain cancer and one of DBP's front-line products - in the end of last year, I was several times in a position to explain the advantages of the drug to journalists, investors and...
Sep 7, 2016

Drug value in a second

There are many calculation models to estimate the value of a medicinal product, and very often investors wish to know the size of the market and potential profits very early...